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Inventory Control

  • Bio-ID Fingerprint, Secure Access to the Cabinet
  • Tracks Who, What and When Inventory is Removed
  • Maintain DEA and FDA Compliance
  • Improve Billing Accuracy
  • Automates Ordering
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Log Book Accuracy

Electronic inventory tracking and automatic record tracking simplify DEA reporting.

Medication Security

Monitor usage patterns with authorized access to control selected medications.

Expiration Date Management

Zimbis lets you know when you need to reorder pharmaceuticals and supplies.

Why Zimbis? Why Now?

  • DEA Compliant storage and dispensing of controlled substances
  • Electronic records, no more manual logs
  • Charge capture, no missed charges
  • Bio ID, ensures accountability
  • Automated access, no more lock and key
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DEA Compliance

Fingerprint ID, mandatory count-back and witness features allow double-lock access within seconds to prevent mismanagement. Compliant with DEA Regulations Title 21, CFR 1301.71 (a); Title 21, CFR 1301.75 (b); Title 21, CFR 1304.03 (a)(b)(c)(d); and Title 21, CFR 1304.04 (a)(b)(f)(g).

Re-Order Through SAS

Notifications when you are running low on the medications you need to perform surgery enable you to place your order directly with SASrx.com, resulting in secure and safe ordering with SAS, transport with UPS, and storage with Zimbis.

Zimbis Mini

  • Manages up to 120 unique SKUs at max capacity
  • Dimensions - 24.75” H x 19” W x 18” D
  • Adjustable 15″ touchscreen monitor
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Zimbis Tower

  • Manages up to 420 unique SKUs at max capacity
  • Adjustable 15″ Touchscreen Monitor
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Zimbus Tower