Trusoft Standard Kit

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Standard Kit (includes 3 oz Powder, 4 oz Liquid and ⅓ oz Bonding Liquid)

Trusoft™ is a plasticized acrylic PEMA that is specifically designed as an intermediate liner for patients requiring a prolonged adjustment period prior to using a hard liner or denture base material (Softone™ is for shorter adjustment periods). Its elasticity will ensure against pressure pain, tender ridges, sensitive areas, and irritated tuberosities. Trusoft™ is formulated to remain resilient for up to 30 days. Trusoft™ can be used for every patient as a precautionary measure, however it is especially necessary for patients who are slow to heal or sensitive to wearing a new denture. Patient is ready for a permanent reline (New or Original Truliner™) when he can exhibit control and acceptance with Trusoft™.

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