T-MAT™ G/RA Extraoral Dental Film, 5" x 12"

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Designed for use with green-emitting screens, T-MAT™ G/RA film is a high-contrast film with excellent image detail. Thanks to its extremely stable sensitometric characteristics, this film provides increased processing latitude and resistance to processing and handling artifacts to deliver quality images that enable efficient diagnosis.

When paired with LANEX™ Regular or Medium Screens, T-MAT™ G/RA film is an excellent film-screen combination for panoramic, cephalometric and TMJ radiography—making it an ideal extraoral film solution for any dental practice.

  • Enhanced contrast, green-sensitive film designed for use with LANEX™ screens
  • Provides excellent detail at up to one-half the exposure of conventional blue-sensitive film/screen combinations
  • Excellent detail; high contrast
  • System speed of 400 with LANEX™ regular screens; system speed of 250 with LANEX™ medium screens
  • Designed for automatic processing (recommended chemicals-READYMATIC® Chem Pack), but may also be processed manually (GBX Twin Pack)
  • Not interleaved

More Information
Brand Carestream™ Dental
Count 50/Box
Width 5"
Length 12"