Suction-Easy™ Manual Oral Suction System

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  • Quickest, safest, and most effective form of immediate oral suction.
  • Instant availability; this manual suction device is not dependent on batteries or other power sources, making it instantly ready to effectively clear the upper airway.
  • A double valved system promotes continuous operation with one hand, while the other hand directs the suction tip inside the patient’s mouth.
  • Adequate fluid capacity; material drawn into the bulb is expelled into a sealed collection bulb. Total fluid capacity is in excess of 1000 cc, enough to contain the entire excretion from the upper airway.
  • One way valves prevent the backflow of aspirated contents.
  • Easy and safe disposal; the used Suction-Easy is placed back in its original package and secured with the pressure seal. The user peels off the top layer of the package label to reveal the international biohazard symbol. Infection control requirements of containment, isolation, and labeling are met in one simple step.
  • Designed for use on adults; not designed to be used on infants or children under the age of 8.
  • Designed for single patient use only.
  • Consists of a rigid plastic suction tube, a suction bulb, a collection bag, and the original package with biohazard label.
  • Bulb force (vacuum): 100mmHg+
  • Dimensions: 10-5/8" W x 11-7/8" H

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