Pedi•padz® II Pediatric Electrode Pads for AED Plus® and AED Pro®

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ZOLL®’s Intelligent Pediatric Capability Includes:
  • Voice and text prompts that inform rescuers that Pedi•padz® II are connected, ensuring that the proper electrodes are being used
  • Separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyze a young victim’s heart rhythm, as a child’s heart rhythms vary from an adult’s
  • With Pedi•padz® II, the AED Plus®/AED Pro® provides pediatric-specific energy levels. Electronics in the AED adjust defibrillating energy levels automatically so that suitable doses are delivered accurately, when needed
  • The AED Plus® and AED Pro® do not rely on a attenuator in the wires of the pediatric electrodes to reduce delivered energy, ensuring that child patients always receive appropriate, pediatric specific energy levels
  • Pedi•padz® II are designed with anatomical diagrams on the package to facilitate fast and accurate pad placement

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