LarySeal™ Multiple Laryngeal Mask Size 4

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A silicone reusable laryngeal mask airway designed to be sterilized and used up to a recommended 40 times. The LarySeal™ Multiple’s cuff adapts to the contour of the oropharyngeal area to provide a secure seal.

  • Medical grade silicone
  • Autoclavable

Crush Resistant - The main tube wall thickness reduces the risk of crushing.

Color-Coded Pilot Balloon - Ease of identification of sizes by color coded pilot balloons.

Secure Seal for Airway Management - Highly elastic silicone material allows the cuff of the mask to form itself to the contour of the oropharyngeal area and provide a seal.

Universal Connection - 15mm M connector provides a universal connection.

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Brand Flexicare®
Size Size 4