Implantation Trephine Drill Set

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Designed to assist in the placement of CAMLOG screwline implants.
  • Implantation trephine drills automatically create a hole in the bone with the precise bottom (apical) diameter for implant placement
  • The special "form drills" build the side walls up to diameter of the implant
  • All drills have depth markings of 9.0mm, 11.0mm and 13.0mm and are 14mm long
Kit Includes:
  • 5 Implantation trephines (363.02 - 2.4mm for 3.3mm implant
  • 363.03 - 3.3mm for 3.8mm implant
  • 363.04 - 3.6mm for 4.3mm implant
  • 363.05 - 4.3mm for 5.0mm implant
  • 363.06 - 5.2mm for 6.0mm implant)
  • 1 Trephine rack (668.02)

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Brand A. Titan Instruments