iM60GT Patient Monitor w/10.4" Touchscreen,

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  • 10.4" Color Touchscreen patient monitor with maximum 11 waveforms
  • Fanless design
  • Night mode function
  • Thermal recorder
  • Network and Storage options:
    • LAN with DHCP
    • Built in WiFi
    • USB disk compatible
    • SD card compatible
    • Barcode scanner
  • Configurations:
    • Basic Measurements for Sub-acute Cares: A full set of basic parameters including 3/5 lead ECG, HR, RESP, EDAN SpO2 (NELLCOR optional), NIBP, PR, and 2-channel temperature in employed
    • Critical Measurements for Acute Cares: The introduction of 2-channel invasive BP, cardiac output, and end tidal carbon dioxide may suit the requirements of most acute cares
  • Reliable Algorithms
    • iSEAP™ ECG algorithm optimized for arrhythmia detection, pacemake detection, and HR measurement
    • iMAT™ SpO2 algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance
    • End tidal Carbon Dioxide for Intubated/Non-Intubated Patients
      • EDAN G2 CO2 (Sidestream)
        • Superior water trap design for accurate monitoring
        • iCARB™ algorithm with intelligent CO2 pseudo wave identification technology
        • Multiple sampling accessories as options for adult, child and neonate patients
      • Respironics CO2 (Mainstream/Sidestream)
        • Plug & play module design
        • Dehumidification tube instead of water trap
        • Low sampling rate of 50ml/min suitable for all patient types
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