Ektavision G (EVG) Extraoral Dental Film, 15cm x 30cm

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Carestream™ Dental EKTAVISION G (EVG) Extraoral Film is their sharpest extraoral film designed to visualize the maximum amount of radiographic information for diagnosis. EVG dental film is a high-resolution film that captures crisp radiographic detail, ideal for panoramic and cephalometric radiographs, TMJ cases, implant procedures, and more. A low-crossover, 400-speed film system that minimizes radiation exposure, it’s designed to be an indispensable tool for your dental practice.
  • Can be processed in automatic equipment or manually
  • Use current cassettes with EV or LANEX™ regular screens

More Information
Brand Carestream™ Dental
Count 50/Box
Width 15 cm
Length 30 cm