ConFirm® Mail-in Sterilizer Monitoring Service - Value Test Service, 12 Tests (2 Strip Test)

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The most comprehensive mail-in service in healthcare, with results in just 24 hours! Everything you need to verify sterilizer performance, even to help you stay on your testing schedule.
  • Test results in 24 hours - Steam cycle test results in 24 hours; your choice of immediate test failure notification by telephone, fax or email; complete sterilization test results are faxes or emailed quarterly
  • Check results online with their secure, confidential web site
  • Free reminder program helps you keep on your regular testing schedule
  • Third party documentation of test results provides a tangible record, as well as a legal document, when proof of sterility must be provided
  • One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring
  • Compatible with steam, dry heat, chemical and EtO

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Brand Crosstex®
Count 12/Box