CaviWipes1™ 1 Minute, 1 Step Germicidal Wipes, 9" x 12" Extra Large, 65 Wipes/Canister

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CaviWipes1™ kills TB and over 20 other microorganisms in just 1 minute and with only 1 step.
  • 1-minute kill time - improved compliance and decreased risks of cross contamination
  • 1-step cleaning and disinfecting - improved staff efficiency and reduced costs
  • Clinically relevant efficacy claims - kills organisms that pose a threat in today's environment
  • Conveniently packaged - ready-to-use, provides flexible and convenient infection prevention at your fingertips
  • Fragrance-free - ideal for respiratory sensitive patients and health care workers
  • Materials compatibility - compatible with common hard, non-porous surfaces found in the clinical environment
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Brand Metrex®
Count 65/Canister
Width 9"
Length 12"
Short Dated No