Carbide Bur, #1702L Taper/Round End Cross Cut, Shank #1 (44.5mm), Non-Sterile

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Extensive experience and knowledge results in the production of the high quality line of carbide burs by SS White®. Many critical factors must be monitored and considered in the manufacturing process to ensure the consistent, high-quality performance of an SS White® Bur. SS White® brings over 160 years of continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing of dental instruments. If it’s from SS White®, it’s second to none.

Carefully designed blade structure, rake angle, flute depth and spiral angulation combined with the specially formulated tungsten carbide results in the powerful cutting performance of these burs. SS White® burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate & performance for the most popular procedures.

Proper selection of tungsten carbide and high quality steel combined with a specialized heat treatment process and controlled welding operation creates the optimum conditions required to attain the impressive strength and durability of an SS White® bur.

Handpiece burs are used in dental laboratories as well as in extraction procedures where greater access is required.

  • Head diameter 1.6mm
  • Tip diameter 1.1mm
  • Shank diameter 2.35mm
  • Working length 6.0mm
  • Overall length 44.5mm
  • Non-sterile

More Information
Sterile No
Brand SS White®
Count 10/Box
Length 44.5 mm
Shape Taper/Round End Cross Cut