BioSonic® Enzymatic Cleaner 236ml

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BioSonic® Enzymatic Cleaner
Concentration to be Used in the Ultrasonic Bath/Diluted Yield - Concentration: 0.8%, Diluted yield: 29 liters.

UC32 combines the non-ionic detergency of the UC30 with enzymes that act to break down stubborn dirt particles. Effectively breaks down and loosens debris hardened onto instruments. Minimizes hand scrubbing.

Instruments, crowns, bridges, dentures and ultrasonic scaler tips.

Special Notes
Use as a carrier bath in ultrasonic tank. Can also be used as instrument pre-soak and carrier bath in tank when using beakers. After cleaning thoroughly clean with tap water.

More Information
Brand Coltène/Whaledent®
Volume 236 ml
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