bioGRAF Mineralized Natural Blend Cancellous/Cortical Allograft, 250-1000 microns, 2.5 cc

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In Stock
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Brand Ousia™
Volume 2.5cc

Living bone is dynamic, a balanced process of bone formation and bone resorption. For bone to properly regenerate, there are several conditions that should be met:

  • Primary wound closure
  • Angiogenesis
  • Space maintenance
  • Stability of wound area and implant

Ousia GRAF addresses the need for a safe and effective biocompatible osteoconductive matrix. This matrix, combined with a well vascularized site and containment of the bioGRAF particulate, provides a scaffold for the natural process of bone development. The inclusion of Ousia bioMAINTAIN or bioADAPT barrier membranes allow for site protection from undesired soft tissue ingrowth.

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