bioADAPT Barrier Membrane 20x30mm - 1/Box

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Brand Ousia™
Volume -
Count 1/Box
Dimensions 20x30mm

Barrier Membranes for Successful Bone Regeneration

The use of barrier membranes for guided bone regeneration has significantly impacted the dental industry in the last 20 years. Findings early on revealed that by excluding fibrous connective tissue, a favorable environment for osteoblastic activity was created. Since that time, research has shown that the protection provided by a barrier membrane results in a highly significant increase in bone regeneration.

With the growing demand for dental implant therapy, the increased number of patients needing guided bone regeneration demands that a clinician have an option for a predictable, high-quality barrier membrane for guided bone and tissue regeneration. Now you do.

Exclude, Protect, and Contain

Several requirements are necessary for a collagen barrier membrane to fulfill the desired role in guided bone regeneration procedures. The membrane must be able to Exclude fibrous connective tissue, Protect the graft from the oral environment for an extended time, and Contain the chosen graft material.

Ousia bioMAINTAIN and bioADAPT barrier membranes have physical and performance characteristics which allow them to fulfill this role. In addition, due to a 100% resorbable matrix, there is no need for a secondary surgical procedure to remove the membrane.

Ousia Barrier Membranes for Superior Site Protection

Ousia bioMAINTAIN and bioADAPT barrier membranes are made from highly purified Type I bovine collagen sourced from the Achilles tendon.

While other membranes may have some of the clinician preferred characteristics, the proprietary manufacturing processes of Ousia bioMAINTAIN and bioADAPT barrier membranes result in a unique combination of biocompatibility, extended barrier function, membrane integrity (for suturing or tacking), handling options, and complete resorbability - all the desired properties of an effective barrier membrane for GBR procedures.

When used as directed, bioMAINTAIN and bioADAPT provide the necessary characteristics, allowing for a proper osteogenic environment.

Ousia barrier membranes may be used in the following procedure types:

  • Socket preservation
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Periodontal defects
  • Peri-Implant bone defects

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