AAOMS Choice Savings Tier

AAOMS Choice Savings Tier
AAOMS Buying Group
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Earn Up to 10% OFF Every Eligible Purchase!

New in 2020, your business now has the opportunity to save 10% off every order! Our new savings tier for AAOMS Buying Group customers is AAOMS Choice! We listened to your feedback and simplified the savings process with an increased total discount and upfront savings available when your practice qualifies! All AAOMS members will continue to save 5% on every purchase, but now your practice can save 10% on every purchase as an AAOMS Choice Savings Tier member!

AAOMS Choice will replace the End-of-Year Rebate that SAS traditionally offered. Instead, we simplified the savings so your practice no longer has to wait until the end of the year to save more! Upfront savings means your practice will start saving immediately!

Here's What You Need to Know:
  • 10% OFF every qualifying purchase when you qualify for AAOMS Choice.
  • Upfront Savings! Once qualified, savings begin at the start of the following month!
  • ALL Year! Your AAOMS Choice benefits continue through the end of the first year you qualify and last through all of the next year!
  • No more waiting! AAOMS Choice is replacing the End-of-Year Rebate with even bigger savings. No more waiting for your discount!
  • Savings Made Simple. Your practice is automatically enrolled in AAOMS Choice when you spend $15,000 in a year.
Frequently Asked Questions

What items are eligible for AAOMS and AAOMS Choice Savings Tier pricing?

All merchandise sold at list pricing qualifies for AAOMS Buying Group and AAOMS Choice Savings Tier pricing. Discounts may not be applied to freight and freight fees, sales tax, shipping and handling, minimum order fees, or any other non-merchandise fees.

How do I become eligible for the AAOMS Buying Group and the AAOMS Choice pricing?

  • AAOMS Buying Group - Being a member of AAOMS and notifying SAS of your membership at the time of registration. No further action required.
  • AAOMS Choice - Being a member of AAOMS and spending at least $15,000 in a year with SAS.

How do I achieve and maintain my AAOMS Choice pricing?

AAOMS Choice pricing is valid from the first business day of the month after you reach $15,000 spend through the end of the following year. For example, if you reach $15,000 spend in July of 2020, your AAOMS Choice pricing is valid from August 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021.

I've reached $15,000 spend, what do I need to do to receive AAOMS Choice pricing?

Once you reach $15,000 spend with SAS, you will automatically be enrolled in AAOMS Choice on the first business day of the following month. Your 10% discount will automatically be applied to every qualifying purchase from that point on through the end of your membership period.

I have multiple billing accounts with SAS. Can I combine those accounts to reach my $15,000 spend?

To be eligible for AAOMS Choice pricing, billing accounts must reach $15,000 spend independently to take advantage of AAOMS Choice pricing.

Can I use my AAOMS or AAOMS Choice savings discount on sale or promotional items?

Promotional items sold below list pricing are our lowest advertised price and, therefore, are not eligible for additional discounts. However, each dollar you spend on merchandise at SAS counts towards your annual spend goal of $15,000 to become or to remain a member of AAOMS Choice.

What happens if I don't spend $15,000 in a year?

At the end of the year, membership will revert back to the standard AAOMS Buying Group discount and you'll continue to take advantage of 5% off every purchase.