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Ultra Trim™ A2 Cartridge Universal 51 ml
ITEM 0921807

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0921807 - Bosworth® Ultra Trim™ A2 Cartridge
Bosworth®Ultra Trim™ A2 Cartridge Universal 51 ml0921807 - Bosworth® Ultra Trim™ A2 CartridgeUltra Trim™ is a named well recognized in temporization. Auto-mixed, 50ml cartridge dispensed provisional material will greatly reduce in-office procedure time. Ultra Trim™'s 10:1 base to catalyst ratio provides excellent strength and greater flexibility without brittleness. (The higher the base content, the stronger the restoration). Ultra Trim™ will bond to itself if additional material or repair is necessary. Ultra Trim™'s non-irritating formula is free of any harsh monomers or offensive odors. It can be used in virtually any matrix with minimal shrinkage for excellent fit and marginal adaption. Ultra Trim™ sets in the mouth in approximately 2 minutes and completely cures in 5 minutes. Ultra Trim is color-stable with perfect polishability and translucency.Product #0921807 $168.19 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical