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A. Titan Instruments
Tunneling Kit
ITEM K7100

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K7100 - A. Titan Instruments Tunneling Kit
A. Titan InstrumentsTunneling KitK7100 - A. Titan Instruments Tunneling KitEnhance the performance of periodontal procedures in difficult areas with these specialized micro surgical instruments. These instruments allow you to hug the root surfaces and are small enough to cut safely in the restricted areas of the papillae.
  • Stainless steel, autoclavable
  • Kit Includes:
    • Micro Tunneling Periosteal (# TP-1)
    • Micro Tunneling Instrument, Inside 2.6mm and Inside 2.6mm (# TP-2)
    • Micro Papilla Elevator (# TP-3)
    • Micro Papilla Elevator Posterior Offset (# TP-4)
    • Micro Tunneling Instrument, Inside 2.6mm and Outside 2.5mm (# TP-5)
    • Micro Tunneling Instrument, Inside 4.0mm and Inside 3.3mm (# TP-6)
    • Orban Gingival Knife, Short (# Orban 1-2 Short)
    • Sinus Instrument, 90°/90°, Yellow Handle (# Sinus 3)
    • Sterilization Tray
Product #K7100 $646.15 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical