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Exel Int®
Syringe w/Needle 10-12cc 21ga x 1 1/2"
ITEM 26253


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26253 - Exel Int® Syringe w/Needle26253 - Exel Int® Syringe w/Needle
26253 - Exel Int® Syringe w/Needle26253 - Exel Int® Syringe w/Needle
Exel® Syringe w/Needle
260441cc 25ga x 5/8" TB100/Box
260431cc 26ga x 1/2" TB100/Box
EXL260401cc 27ga x 1/2"100/Box
261113cc 18ga 1"100/Box
261103cc 18ga 1 1/2"100/Box
261083cc 20ga x 1"100/Box
261093cc 20ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
261053cc 21ga x 1"100/Box
261073cc 21ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
261023cc 22ga x 1"100/Box
261043cc 22ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
261013cc 23ga x 1"100/Box
261003cc 25ga x 5/8"100/Box
261123cc 25ga 1 1/2"100/Box
261293cc 27ga x 1 1/4"100/Box
262145-6cc 20ga x 1"100/Box
262125-6cc 21ga x 1"100/Box
262135-6cc 21ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
262105-6cc 22ga x 1"100/Box
262115-6cc 22ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
2625410-12cc 20ga x 1"100/Box
2625510-12cc 20ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
2625210-12cc 21ga x 1"100/Box
2625310-12cc 21ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
2625010-12cc 22ga x 1"100/Box
2625110-12cc 22ga x 1 1/2"100/Box
Exel Int®Syringe w/Needle 10-12cc 21ga x 1 1/2"26253 - Exel Int® Syringe w/Needle
  • Clear barrels; Bold print
  • Siliconized gasket allows smooth consistent plunger motion
  • Positive plunger stop reduces the chance of spillage when drawing
Product #26253 $20.59 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical