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Southern charm meets expert pharm

You can count on our team of professionals to provide you with expert advice you need on everything from pharmaceuticals to disposables, anesthesia to emergency response products.

Stacy Vanover

Joined 2006 • South Carolina

Making a customer’s day makes Stacy’s day, too. People think she looks like Julia Roberts (she’s not complaining). You’ll never see her without her Chapstick. She’s always in the mood for sushi. The same can’t be said for fried chicken.

Krae Ellisor

Joined 2007 • South Carolina

Interacting with customers makes Krae happy. He loves that he gets to say words like “Glycopyrrolate” every day. He once faced off against a two-pound burger and lived to tell about it.

Justin Price

Joined 2012 • South Carolina

Justin loves meeting new customers. People think he looks like Sean Astin. He plays guitar and enjoys archery. He loves spending time with his family. If you grill it, he’ll eat it.

Carol Reynolds

Joined 2008 • South Carolina

Carol loves the support shown within the SAS family. She’s all things Southern and will stop at anything for salt and sweet tea. In her world, everything is about her son, Jared!

Chris Glessner

Joined 2013 • South Carolina

Chris will go that extra mile for his customers. He loves reading a good spy novel or thriller. Nothing gets his heart pounding like watching a great NASCAR race.

Missy Cannon • South Carolina

Joined 2015

Missy loves working at SAS. She thinks SAS is great because of the awesome employees. She loves having a good steak dinner but will avoid anything to do with coconut at all costs!

Maggie Forsythe

Joined 2014 • Oklahoma

Maggie lives for cheese. She considers it the base of her food pyramid and a world without cheese is a world she doesn’t want to live in. Something on Maggie’s bucket list is attending the summer Olympics as a spectator. Her favorite sports are swimming and gymnastics.

Dawn Johnson

Joined 1998 • Oklahoma

What Dawn enjoys most about her job is helping customers find the products they are looking for. When she leaves work she loves going on motorcycle rides with her hubby, eating seafood (so long as it’s NOT raw oysters) and making jewelry.

Onasha Shiver

Joined 2016 • South Carolina

Onasha revels in interacting with customers on the phone. Her favorite vacation was when she went to Weisbaden, Germany, and later lived there for three years with her family.

Stephanie Jackson

Joined 2015 • South Carolina

Stephanie says from the moment she walked through the front door she felt welcomed. The atmosphere in this facility is great. It’s like home away from home!!

Nancy Cooper

Joined 1995 • South Carolina

Nancy feels very connected to her customers. If she were an animal, she’d be a Japanese Dwarf flying squirrel. She tries to avoid sugar, but loves it still. When she wins the lottery, she’ll have one sweet woodworking shop.

Reid Lambert

Joined 2012 • South Carolina

Reid thinks he works with some of the best people around. His favorite meal is a grilled steak and a cold beer. He loves to laugh and spend time with family and friends. He does not like liver...not even a little.

Penny Barr

Joined 2016 • South Carolina

Something that Penny is proud of is her 23 years of service in the US Navy. Now she enjoys the friendly environment of everyone at SAS and the satisfaction of a happy customer.

Shannon Estridge

Joined 1995 • South Carolina

Shannon enjoys teaching and learning every day. She has a four-pound Chihuahua named ChiChi that’s the life of the party. She loves her children and cheese, in that order.

Justin (Bo) Lucas

Joined 2011 • South Carolina

Bo digs the atmosphere at SAS. He golfs whenever he can and loves spending time with his wife and dog. He likes playing music and eating steak. In his perfect world, broccoli is never on the menu.

Wendy Keene

Joined 2011 • South Carolina

Wendy values the family feel of SAS. When she’s not at work, you can find her riding her Harley to her son’s games or playing with her grandson. Back when big hair ruled, she looked like Sally from the Peanuts.

Doris Lake

Joined 2013 • South Carolina

Doris enjoys getting to know the people she serves. She spends her time away from SAS grilling out, hiking in the mountains or hanging out with her huge family. She loves spending time leading her church youth group.

Jessica Hunt

Joined 2013 • South Carolina

Jessica loves the family atmosphere at SAS. When she’s not helping customers, you can find her hiking in the great outdoors or spotting a deal at a local thrift store.