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618300 - Rusch® Laryngoscope Blade
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618300 - Rusch® Laryngoscope Blade618300 - Rusch® Laryngoscope Blade

Laryngoscope Blade Miller Size 3

Item Number: 618300    In Stock
Standard/Conventional. 173mm, Medium Adult. Non-sterile. Stainless steel. Lamp supplied with blade   See more details below...

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  • Laryngoscope Blade Miller Size 3
    Laryngoscope Blade Miller Size 3
Rusch®Laryngoscope Blade Miller Size 3618300 - Rusch® Laryngoscope BladeStandard/Conventional
  • 173mm, Medium Adult
  • Non-sterile
  • Stainless steel
  • Lamp supplied with blade
Product #618300 $43.99 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical