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Carestream™ Dental
INSIGHT™ Dental Film, Size 2, IP-21, Super Poly-Soft™ Packets
ITEM 1163401

150 Packets/Box

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1163401 - Carestream™ Dental INSIGHT™ Dental Film,
Ultra-speed Intraoral Periapical Film
1658194DF-58 Size 2 Super Poly-Soft150 1-Film pk/bx
1753664DF-57 Size 2 Super Poly-Soft130 2-Film pk/bx
1228840DF-54 Size 0 Super Poly-Soft100 pk/bx
INSIGHT - Intraoral Periapical Film
1163401IP-21 Size 2 Poly-Soft150 1-Film pk
1798628IP-22 Size 2 Poly-Soft130 2-Film pk
8675332IP-01 Size 0 Poly-Soft100 1-Film pk
1280619IP-02 Size 0 Poly-Soft100 2-Film pk
T-Mat G Film - Extraoral Panoramic Film
1987627TMG-5 "5 X 12"50 Sheets/bx
1869080TMG-15 "6 X 12"50 Sheets/bx
Carestream™ DentalINSIGHT™ Dental Film, Size 2, IP-21, Super Poly-Soft™ Packets1163401 - Carestream™ Dental INSIGHT™ Dental Film,
  • True F-speed film that requires up to 60% less radiation per exposure
  • Excellent, consistent image quality
  • Lowers radiation exposure without sacrificing image resolution
  • Holds speed and contrast in variable chemistry conditions
  • Periapical film in Super Poly-Soft™ packets
  • 150 1-film packets/box

For best results, use with READYMATIC®, READYPRO™, or GBX processing chemicals. INSIGHT™ dental film processes as an F-speed film when processed in roller transport automatic processors; on the high-end of E-speed range when processed manually.

Product #1163401 $80.69 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical