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Integra® Miltex®
HeliTAPE® Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing, 1" x 3"
ITEM 62200


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62200 - Integra® Miltex® HeliTAPE® Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing,
Integra® Miltex® HeliTape Collagen Wound Dressing
622001" x 3"10/Box
Integra® Miltex® HeliCote Collagen Wound Dressing
622013/4" x 1.5"10/Box
Integra® Miltex® HeliPlug Collagen Wound Dressing
622023/8" x 3/4"10/Box
Integra® Miltex® HeliMEND Absorbable Collagen Membrane
6220315mm x 20mm1/Box
6220420mm x 30mm1/Box
6220530mm x 40mm1/Box
Integra® Miltex® HeliMEND Advanced Absorbable Collagen Membrane
6220615mm x 20mm1/Box
6220720mm x 30mm1/Box
6220830mm x 40mm1/Box
Integra® Miltex®HeliTAPE® Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing, 1" x 3"62200 - Integra® Miltex® HeliTAPE® Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing,Integra® Miltex® collagen wound dressing products are used to help control bleeding, develop blood clots, and protect the wound site in order for the healing process to begin. Collagen wound dressing products are reabsorbed by the body in 10 to 14 days after placement. These collagen products are packaged in individual clam shells with an easy to peel backing, making it easy for clinicians to open packages during procedures. Each product is sterile and sold in packs of 10. Product offering includes HeliCOTE®, HeliPLUG®, and HeliTAPE®.

HeliTAPE® Absorbable Collagen Wound Dressing:
  • Used for dressing minor wounds
  • Used to aid the closure of graft sites
  • Used to help repair the Schniderian Membrane
  • 1" x 3" (2.5cm x 7.5cm)
Product #62200 $166.59 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical