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SS White®
Great White™ Gold Series Bur Carbide #GWSL2R FG
ITEM 18203-5


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18203-5 - SS White® Great White™ Gold Series Bur Carbide #GWSL2R
SS White®Great White™ Gold Series Bur Carbide #GWSL2R FG18203-5 - SS White® Great White™ Gold Series Bur Carbide #GWSL2RGreat White® Gold Series Burs are engineered using a proprietary design that revolutionized the carbide bur market. Proven to cut the hardest and most challenging dental material such as composite and semi-precious metals with greater efficiency and less chatter. Great White® Gold Burs significantly reduce restoration removal and preparation time, saving clinicians up to 50 hours per year in operatory time. Great White® Z Diamonds are engineered for superior cutting of ceramic and zirconia-based crowns during crown removal, endodontic access and lab procedures.
  • Superior neck strength virtually eliminate breakage concern
  • Cuts all hard materials including non & semi-precious metal, amalgam & composite
  • Multi-functional bur that reduces rotary inventory, streamlines order process
  • Cuts even hard materials smoothly, increasing patient satisfaction
Product #18203-5 $23.49 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical