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K4200 - A. Titan Instruments Essential X-TRAC® Kit
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Essential X-TRAC® Kit

Item Number: K4200    In Stock
Unique Beak Designs:. Preserve bone. Provide an exceptional grip of the toothExclusive Handle Designs:. Make forceps 25% lighter. Offer greater ergonomic comfor   See more details below...

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  • Essential X-TRAC® Kit
    Essential X-TRAC® Kit
A. Titan InstrumentsEssential X-TRAC® KitK4200 - A. Titan Instruments Essential X-TRAC® KitUnique Beak Designs:
  • Preserve bone
  • Provide an exceptional grip of the tooth
Exclusive Handle Designs:
  • Make forceps 25% lighter
  • Offer greater ergonomic comfort
  • Provide increased tactile sensitivity
Kit Includes:
  • Upper Universal X-TRAC® Forceps, Notched (# 3500)
  • Lower Universal X-TRAC® Forceps, Notched (# 2190)
  • Upper Root Tip X-TRAC® Forceps (# 5115)
  • Lower Root Tip X-TRAC® Forceps (# 4515)
  • Straight Spade Tip X-Otome, Universal (# XO-70)
  • Fixed Tip Narrow Blade Periotome, Anterior (# P-200)
  • Fixed Tip Angled Blade Periotome, Posterior (# P-300)
  • Sterilization Tray (# T 20)
Product #K4200 $1179.29 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical