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Palmero Health Care
Ergonomic Spatula Yellow
ITEM 1520Y

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1520Y - Palmero Health Care Ergonomic Spatula
Palmero Health CareErgonomic Spatula Yellow1520Y - Palmero Health Care Ergonomic SpatulaFinally the mixing spatula has joined the ergonomic revolution! Say goodbye to hand fatigue, wrist cramping and finger pain caused by mixing impression materials. CandEEZ spatulas are made of a high-grade polypropylene that provides a sturdy handle and a flexible tip for optimum mixing ability, but it is the ergonomically designed handle that makes the entire process a joy. Perfect for use with alginates, plaster, stone, investments and other impression materials used in dental operatory or laboratory applications. The one piece “seamless” construction makes it easy to clean and disinfect and the blade will not damage PVC or rubber-based mixing bowls.Product #1520Y $4.69 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical