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BritePro Laryngoscope Handle Single Patient Fiber Optic
ITEM 040791U

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040791U - Flexicare® BritePro Laryngoscope Handle
Flexicare®BritePro Laryngoscope Handle Single Patient Fiber Optic040791U - Flexicare® BritePro Laryngoscope HandleSingle Patient Use Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle

BritePro is a single patient use fiber optic handle system which is comprised of a disposable handle and a reusable light source utilizing the latest in LED technology, providing clinicians with a complete system.

  • Significantly brighter light than conventional blades or halogen handles
  • Long bulb life - Never change a bulb again; LED bulbs last for the life of the handle with no replacement
  • The main body of the handle incorporates a green textured grip which provides excellent control and feel even when wearing Gloves
  • LED bulb uses less energy and therefore batteries last more than 10 times longer
  • A freely rotating metal hinge allows the blade to be inserted easily while providing a positive locking mechanism when moved into the closed position
  • A white LED light provides clear visualization of the vocal chords
Product #040791U $13.09 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical