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Adview® 9000™ Modular Diagnostic Station w/NIBP, SpO2 & Temperature

* Must order with mounting platform for warranty:
# 9000D (desktop), # 9000W (wall mount) or # 9000M (mobile stand)

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9000BPSTO - ADC® Adview® 9000™ Modular Diagnostic Station
ADC®Adview® 9000™ Modular Diagnostic Station w/NIBP, SpO2 & Temperature9000BPSTO - ADC® Adview® 9000™ Modular Diagnostic StationPurchase the Adview® configured as you want, and upgrade in the field at any time. No tools required! With the connect-and-go capability, adding optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules is effortless.

Blood Pressure:
Non-invasive BP using the oscillometric method. Pulse rate and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) also displayed in about 30 seconds. Works with cuff sizes from child to thigh (pediatric patients 3 years and older). Comes equipped with adult and large adult cuffs standard. Other sizes available.

Manual Mode:
For situations in which automatic mode is inappropriate, the unique manual mode allows the operator to measure BP with a stethoscope using the traditional auscultatory method.

A temperature module using Kendall’s Filac™ FasTemp™ technology that provides an oral or axillary temperature in about 10 seconds. For fastest readings, defaults to predictive technology but can be switched to a direct reading if desired. Built in color coded storage well for the probe and box of 20 disposable probe covers. Easily switched between oral and axillary measurement with the push of a button.

Pulse Oximetry:
An SpO2 module that features industry leading Nellcor® compatible technology for accurate readings in about 10 seconds. Complete with Nellcor® compatible probe with 10' cord. Displays pulse rate signal strength during measurement.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • 9v AC adapter with U.S. power cord
  • 8 ft. of tubing
  • Adult cuff
  • Large adult cuff
  • Operating manual on CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Ready reference card
  • Reusable adult finger sensor with 10' cable
  • Oral/axillary probe (blue)
  • Box of 20 probe covers
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor
Product #9000BPSTO $1654.79 Seller: Southern Anesthesia and Surgical